Take One Step: Build Your Membership Team
What makes Soroptimist unique and powerful is our ability to come together. Belonging to a team is a result of feeling part of something bigger than YOU and working toward a common goal. As Soroptimists, we are focusing on our Big Goal of Increasing Our Collective Impact. When we come together to do this, we empower our members, engage them, and increase our ability to serve more women and girls through our Dream Programs. Want to enhance the Soroptimist spirit in your club? Read this team building article today!

Success in 2018-2019!
If you are searching for a way to help provide a positive club experience while helping SIA to build its collective impact, look no further! View the SIA Club Roadmap, our simple guide designed to make it easier for clubs to accomplish our goals. Also check out the Certificate of Appreciation, which annually recognizes the accomplishments of our clubs. Here’s to a year of great experiences, fulfilling our mission, and strengthening Soroptimist’s global brand!

On-boarding New Members
Orientations can be a little easier when you use Soroptimist 101 to assist with acclimating new members to all things Soroptimist. Because it’s filled with highlights and links to resources available through membership, it’s a great way to introduce our organization.

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