A Visionary Announcement
We are proud to formally debut a recognition program for members who have given gifts for five or more consecutive years. The 1921 Visionaries are members who have year after year shown their dedication to the women and girls who count on Soroptimist. At the start of each calendar year, Visionary members who have given gifts of any amount for five, 10, or 15 consecutive years will receive a special numbered pin and a personalized letter. When you recognize these members by their pins at your club and district meetings, region conferences, and convention, please thank them for their enduring commitment. We are incredibly grateful for them and you!

Active Laurel Society Members
Beginning September 1, 2018, for a Laurel Society member to be considered “active,” and therefore receive an invitation to the Laurel Society Event at convention, their cumulative giving must total $500 over a biennium—this decision was voted on and enacted by the Fundraising Council.

  • Once reaching Laurel Society status, you are always a member.  However, to be considered an “active” member the minimum contribution must be met.
  • This new minimum equates to just $21 a month.
  • We are sharing this news one year in advance of it being instituted.

We are encouraged that members are making SIA their cause of choice, and coming together in support of our Dream Programs. Thank you for all your collective work.

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