Motivation Matters
Motivation is the energizing factor that keeps club members enthusiastic about working together to accomplish our mission. It’s an important quality to have! Additionally, when you can inspire members to work together, it increases engagement and promotes a harmonious, happy club atmosphere! Read the latest leadership tip to find out more.

What’s In It For You?
We are drawing near to the end of this club year and some members may be on the fence about renewing for another year. If you are wondering: “What do I get in return for my dues and fees?” take a moment to revisit the benefits and value of Soroptimist membership to see exactly “what’s in it for you.” You can also share this information with prospective members and use this recruitment tip about dues and fees, which offers advice for having the conversation about the financial commitment to membership. Member Resources
If you are looking for ways to engage prospects and current members, check out the Member Resources that serve as a comprehensive guidebook for Soroptimist members. Use this resource for information about’s features, frequently asked questions, tips to raise awareness, and even some examples of how our very own clubs are using to extend their network!

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