A Growing Inner Circle
Please join us as we extend our heartiest congratulations to the Inner Circle’s new members: Beverly Bucur, President-Elect Yoko Ichigatani, Bok Ja Lee, Sandra Schultz, and Diane Thompson. Together, these five altruistic Soroptimists have contributed well over $125,000 to the organization, making the dreams of countless women and girls around the world come true. These generous donors join the esteemed ranks of Connie Baehr, Teresita Choa, Cheri Fleming, Minda Garcia, Linda Manor, Mary Parisigian, Pina Pileggi, Janet Elizabeth Hall Schempf, Annie Chin Siu, Joan Stallard, Catherine Standiford, Leticia Uy, Linabelle Villarica, Anita Walker, Alice Wells, Machiko Yamada and Alicia Zachman. This elite group’s devotion to the women and girls who benefit from our Dream Programs is unparalleled, and we applaud them. THANK YOU!

Monthly Givers Wantedmonthly-giving-leanne-davis
Leanne C. Davis, a millennial from SI/San Francisco, CA (Sierra Pacific Region) is the fifth Soroptimist profiled in our Meet a Monthly Giver series, and we are so appreciative of her support! Read here about Leanne’s favorite Soroptimist moment and why she gives. If you’re a Monthly Giver and interested in sharing your story, please email Monthly Giving Coordinator Shevaun ( If you’re not a Monthly Giver, why not join today?

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