Election News
SIA has sent all clubs ballots to elect the 2015-2016 SIA president-elect. Visit the SIA website to view ballot information and candidate resumes in all languages, and watch videos of the candidates. Headquarters must receive ballots on or before April 21. Clubs have also been sent information to their club email address on how to cast a ballot if mail delivery is problematic in your area. Don’t miss this opportunity to exercise your right to a voice … check your SIA club e-mail and be sure to vote in time for receipt at headquarters on April 21!


Soroptimist Dream Programs
Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls
With any new program, there are questions and needed resources. In addition to the Club Planning Guide, Club Project Guide and the Curriculum, we have just released the following resources to help clubs participate:

Also, look for a special presentation at your region conferences!


Live Your Dream: Education and Training Awards for Women
Thirty women became at-large award recipients this year! These recipients do not live in an area with a Soroptimist club. Thank you to our supporters who helped select these recipients. And thank you to the regions for including these recipients in their region-level judging. Together we are reaching more women with our life-changing award.

The cash award and recognition from Soroptimists means everything to our award recipients. But they often need additional support to live their dreams including funding, mentoring from Soroptimist members, and tax and financial advice. Use this resource to find out how to increase the impact of the award for your club-level recipient.


Congratulations Tyra!
One of the star qualities of our award recipients is that after finishing their education and training many enter careers that help others. According to a study by the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania, 79 percent of recipients surveyed entered the helping professions—multiplying the cycle of improvement and growth for women, their families and their communities. A prime example of this is soroptimist - Tyra Wrightpast recipient Tyra Wright-Johnson. You may remember her webisode series, where she shared her experiences as a domestic violence victim and struggling mother of two. But today she’s a survivor turned Soroptimist member, and founder of The Women’s Solo Project (TWSP)—a domestic violence advocacy and resource center serving women throughout the Philadelphia area. Working with shelters, TWSP brings education, training, and other support to hundreds of at-risk women who are taking daring steps toward recovery and prosperity. And on April 30, Trya will receive the Women’s Way 2015 Powerful Voice and Powerful Partner Award for her work as an Inspiring domestic violence activist and educator. Congratulations, Tyra. We are so proud of your many accomplishments and the part we’ve played in your journey! If your club has a story about your local Live Your Dream Award recipient who has gone on to help others in a big way, please send it to Nora at


Club Giving
Last year 1,277 women received more than $1.7 million through the Live Your Dream Awards to help them access educational opportunities and improve their lives. Funding increased by 7% and 42 additional women received an award. The Live Your Dream Awards along with Dream It, Be It, Soroptimist Club Grants and other federation programs are possible because clubs recognize the importance of supporting our global programs by contributing to Club Giving. Be an advocate and encourage your club to help change the lives of more women and girls this year by donating at least 10% of the funds raised by your club. Learn more here.

Will You Outlive Your Retirement Savings?

The average person buys a dozen cars in their lifetime. But unlike cars, you get one retirement, one chance to choose an income plan for the rest of your life.

With a decision that important, it seems unthinkable not to get behind the wheel and test the feel and fit of particular plans. Most jump into the first retirement vehicle they see and hope it’s the right one.

To encourage smarter choices, we developed the Janney Retirement Test Drive—a unique opportunity to see how your retirement income holds up in unexpected conditions—in the safety of a simulation.

Take a test drive and get a real sense of what will work for you down the road. Get in the driver’s seat. Contact Adrienne Horen today to learn how.janney



Bylaws Changes—Frequently Asked Questions
Who can be a member of SIA? What’s my member type? Why did we need a federation dues increase? How are my federation membership dues spent? These are just some of the questions addressed in the Bylaw Changes FAQ that resulted from the 2014 Laws and Resolutions mail ballot. Check them out today so you can better understand how these changes affect your club and membership in Soroptimist, and how they shape our future!

New Q&As!
Is there a difference between and the Live Your Dream Awards?
Yes! is Soroptimist’s online community, and should always be referred to as “LiveYourDreamDOTorg” or the “LiveYourDreamDOTorg online community.” Live Your Dream: Education and Training Awards for Women is SIA’s signature program, previously called the Women’s Opportunity Awards. (Live Your Dream: Education and Training Awards for Women can be abbreviated to “Live Your Dream Awards” after first reference.)

Both the online community and awards program take their branding cue from our award recipients, who almost always tell us Soroptimist support is helping them to live their dreams. Using this imagery is an effort to brand the program and Soroptimist in a powerful and inspirational way.

How can clubs use the strategy to boost membership and engage more people to help women and girls?
Among’s goals is attracting new SIA members from those online supporters who may also be interested in a face-to-face (club) experience. But it also offers clubs an opportunity to try a different approach to engaging their communities in our mission. For example, check out this tip to see how SI/Rio Vista, CA (Founder Region), uses as a way to complement its club’s efforts. The club has about 30 “Dreamers” involved in their activities and one (who also was a former member) decided to rejoin the club! Another example is SI/Roseville (Sierra Nevada Region), which learned that several prospects could not join because of scheduling and financial issues. That’s when the club offered the alternative as a way for them to become involved. There are about 12 “Dreamers” who assist with fundraising events by providing extra hands, and work side-by-side with SI/Roseville members at workshops and events. More ideas can be found in the Club Benefits section of the Guidebook.

Click here to read the complete LiveYourDream FAQ.




Do you have five minutes?
Spend it getting to know the SI Convention Committee! This enthusiastic group shares tidbits about Istanbul and what to look forward to most while at the 20th International Convention, July 9-12. Also visit the SI convention webpage to register and see information about workshops, hotels, tours and more! It’s not too late to register for SI’s convention in Istanbul.