Soroptimist Receives PANO Seal of Excellence
After successfully completing the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organization’s (PANO) rigorous Standards for Excellence® accreditation program, SIA received PANO’s Seal of Excellence. “Soroptimist is very proud to have received this re-accreditation from PANO,” says our executive director and CEO, Elizabeth M. Lucas. “It was a rigorous, yet rewarding process, and we are pleased to join an elite group of nonprofits that can demonstrate their organizational excellence in this way.” Read more here.

Convention Recap
It was a memorable, inspiring and fun time in Yokohama, Japan. We are grateful to our Japanese hosts for their outstanding hospitality, and thank all of the attendees who came and made this convention one we will never forget! Click here to read the convention recap, view photos and videoclips, and download presentations.

Club Mailing
The September 2018 club mailing has been posted in all languages to the SIA website. SIA President Elizabeth’s cover letter and the content on the club mailing page will help your club and SIA have a successful year in 2018-2019.

Soroptimist Store
“S” Pendant with Pearl Necklace (#130)
This beautiful 3/4″ round gold-tone enhancer comes complete with an 18″ cultured pearl necklace. The enhancer is removable so you can use it with any necklace or chain!


Live Your Dream Education and Training Awards for Women® Recipients
Inspiring. Resilient. Hardworking. These are some of the words that describe Soroptimist’s 2018 Live Your Dream Awards recipients. These amazing women have overcome huge life challenges and are on a quest to create better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. Read more about Lucia, Ana Caren and Shamayel, and please watch and share the following recipient videos:

Live Your Dream Awards Updates
There’s still time to recruit applicants before the November 15 deadline! Check out Soroptimist’s applicant recruiting resources here. Our Live Your Dream Awards application received a makeover! It’s the same life-changing program and application questions, but a more streamlined and contemporary application process. Learn more about the exciting changes and review our FAQs resource for the new Online Application Portal (available now for US & Canada and coming in the future to all SIA countries and territories!). Are you a club chair in the US or Canada? Email to receive your application portal account details if you have not yet received them.

Dream It, Be It Career Support for Girls®
Has your club hosted an amazing Dream It, Be It project? Gone above and beyond to equip girls with new tools and resources to be successful in reaching their dreams? SIA headquarters wants to know about it! We are always looking for outstanding club projects to feature on social media and in newsletters and presentations. When reporting your club project via the Reporting and Evaluation Online Form, be sure to include quotes, stories, and photos of girls (with their permission)! Reminder: Report your club project by June 1.


Check out these videos of outstanding Dream It, Be It projects!

SI/The Sierras
SI/Greater Santa Clarita Valley


“Think Globally, Act Locally”
How do we make a difference at home AND throughout our 21 countries and territories? By giving to our global Dream Programs! Need a reason why? We have more than 100 …

…SIA receives 150+ applications a year from women who are eligible for a Live Your Dream Award but don’t live near a Soroptimist club. Thanks to generous gifts to the Dream Programs, headquarters is able to award 40 $1,000 cash grants to such women—but this leaves more than two-thirds of eligible women hearing no.

… a gift to SIA’s Dream Programs helps us say yes to more women!

Working as One
A special thank you to regions that reached 100% Club Giving participation in the 17-18 recognition period: Founder Region, Desert Coast Region, Rocky Mountain Region,and Sierra Pacific Region. Japan Chuo and Northeastern Region not only achieved 100% participation in Club Giving, but each of their clubs gave at least at the 10% level!

We asked Barbara Giambastini, Sierra Pacific Region’s 2016-2018 fundraising chair how she motivated clubs in her region to give. Barbara shared that she kept in year-round contact with the clubs, and honored them at Sierra Pacific Region conferences. She also promoted clubs’ fundraising ideas through newsletters, district meetings, and public recognition. Thank you Barbara and each of our volunteers who help fundraise for our global Dream Programs, whether through Club Giving, or individual contributions. When we work as one for a common goal, there is no limit to how big we can dream!


Take One Step: Build Your Membership Team
What makes Soroptimist unique and powerful is our ability to come together. Belonging to a team is a result of feeling part of something bigger than YOU and working toward a common goal. As Soroptimists, we are focusing on our Big Goal of Increasing Our Collective Impact. When we come together to do this, we empower our members, engage them, and increase our ability to serve more women and girls through our Dream Programs. Want to enhance the Soroptimist spirit in your club? Read this team building article today!

Success in 2018-2019!
If you are searching for a way to help provide a positive club experience while helping SIA to build its collective impact, look no further! View the SIA Club Roadmap, our simple guide designed to make it easier for clubs to accomplish our goals. Also check out the Certificate of Appreciation, which annually recognizes the accomplishments of our clubs. Here’s to a year of great experiences, fulfilling our mission, and strengthening Soroptimist’s global brand!

On-boarding New Members
Orientations can be a little easier when you use Soroptimist 101 to assist with acclimating new members to all things Soroptimist. Because it’s filled with highlights and links to resources available through membership, it’s a great way to introduce our organization.

The Importance of Healthcare Education
When women are educated about healthcare, they become empowered—allowing them to succeed and reach their goals. Read more about why screenings and regular health checks for illnesses like cervical cancer are beneficial and can help prevent this disease.


Commission on the Status of Women
Each year, a limited number of members joined the Soroptimist International delegation attending the Commission on the Status of Women, this year’s meeting will take place March 11-22 and focus on social protection systems, access to public services and sustainable infrastructure for gender equality, and the empowerment of women and girls. Look for more information in the November Soroptimist Summary.